Golden Rule Businesses


BestMan Handyman

Greg at BestMan Handyman really is, as his tag line says, the best man for your job.  He has worked for everyone on our team.  He is honest, dependable and is a kind man.  You will love his work.  Visit his website at:

Law of Attraction Journey

Law of Attraction Journey is a website that talks about a way of life.  There is a lot of really great information and the author is delightful.  There are affiliate links that pay a small commission when you use the links to purchase the items that is talked about in the website.  Pay a visit to the website, you won’t be sorry!  There are so many fun things, interesting recommendations and great new finds!

Roof Coating

These two website were designed by a young ambitious man who makes a living building roofs and coating flat roofs.   Brandon replaced the roofs on two of our employees homes and coated a roof for a friend of ours on his business.  What a delight it was working with him.  He worked so hard for all of us, dealing with our insurance companies, the permits and all of the “stuff” that comes with doing these kinds of jobs.  He got more of our damage covered by working with the insurance adjusters and made sure that everything was neat and tidy when his crews left.  He followed up with us after the jobs were done to make sure we didn’t have any problems.  There are a lot of bad roofers out there.  He most certainly isn’t one of those!  Visit his sites listed below!

The Oasis Assisted Living Home

Wow, what a wonderful place.  We had to put a family member in an assisted living home and we heard from a friend of ours who is a doctor about Oasis Assisted Living Home.  The home is ran by a family with two geriatric nurses.  We went and visited the home and talked to the residents and decided to take our Uncle here, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  They were so kind, and took such good care of him until he passed away a few months ago.  They served delicious, nutritious meals three times a day and took excellent care of him.  You can check them out at the site listed below, and again, you won’t be sorry!

Business Begins Here

Business Begins Here is the company we call when we have a problem with our website or when we can’t figure something out related to our site.  Their business is really building websites, managing a companies social media and relationship management, but they take the time to answer our questions, which to them are easy and they save us SO much time!  We truly appreciate them and they way they treat us.  We don’t walk away feeling like dummies and they don’t over charge us! Give them a call, you won’t be sorry!